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Ask the Countess: Baptisms and Graduations

The Countess answers your questions about baptism attire and graduation announcements.


We are baptizing our baby girl soon in the Catholic Church. I was thinking of wearing this pretty, semi casual long white dress. It was a dress I wore after getting out of my wedding dress, and going to dinner with my husband after our wedding. So it is an important dress to me. Anyways, I wasn't sure if only the baby wears white? Thanks!

Hi Rebecca,
Congratulations! I think you should wear your white dress and use some accessories for color. It's sweet to wear something that is meaningful to you. Best.
The Countess

Quick question: Is it okay to send out my graduation announcements after I actually graduate from college? I have exams all next week and I don't know if I'll have time to send them out beforehand. Is that okay?
THANKS! P.S. The NYC season is my favorite :)
Alison Elizabeth

Hi Alison,
Thanks darling. I think it's perfectly acceptable. Concentrate on your finals and send them out just after. Good Luck!
The Countess

Hi Countess,
We are busy planning a wedding (one of us is getting married and the other is the maid of honor) and we have an important wedding etiquette question. What is the protocol for inviting friends to the wedding whom the bride has had intimate relations with in the past? The bride has several friends with whom she has had intimate relations but has remained close friends with, thus she would like to extend invitations to them. Is this inappropriate? Please inform us!
Thank you and best wishes,
Julia and Angela

Hi Julia and Angela,
If you feel your friends will be discreet about your past relations then go ahead and invite them. Have fun!
The Countess

Hi Countess!
My boss is always inviting me and other employees out for drinks after work. I appreciate the offer, but I'd just rather not socialize with coworkers outside of the office. How to I politely decline without it affecting my professional standing?

If you keep saying no, it might affect your relationship with your boss. It would be best to pull him aside and let him know you appreciate his offers, but you like the relationship with your co-workers the way it is. Cheers!
The Countess