Cast Blog: #RHONY

Who Needs Etiquette Class?

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What Else Does Aviva Have in That Bag?

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God Gave me a Great Ass and His Approval

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Nothing Is Too Romantic for Sonja

LuAnn: I Sing When I Feel Like Singing

Kristen: This Show Has Helped My Marriage

Carole: Oh Beautiful for Spacious Skies. . .

Ramona: Just Don't Ask Me to Go Every Year

Who Needs Etiquette Class?

Jeana's ready for a Housewife reunion at the A-List Awards!

Is this week’s episode a Project Runway episode? So much fashion!

Ramona was lovely and charming this week and then she got into Simon bashing again. You don’t have to like everyone but people, please, where is common courtesy? Kelly is late to meet Bethenny, and then she too gets off her high horse (high road) and stoops to everyone else’s level by picking on Bethenny. I felt bad for Bethenny - Kelly was being so mean and it had to be hard to hear. In my whole 50 years I have never spoken to another person in this manner. Except maybe my poor husband! Is this for ratings? Do they all need etiquette class?

You don’t have to like everyone but people, please, where is common courtesy?

Jill’s remodel is looking great - her gay husband is doing a great job. I get to see all the housewives this weekend for the taping of the A-List Awards, including Housewives from both NY and Atlanta. We will probably stretch Vicki’s birthday and all go out Saturday night together. We are all going to Bethenny's book signing in LA this weekend. Gretchen and Slade have been spotted at Lakers games and Dancing with the Stars, how fun! Kara was home for Easter break, Shane is getting ready to go to his next assignment, and Colton is studying hard and getting ready to go check out colleges.