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Their Entrance, My Exit

Ramona discusses the emotion passing of her father, and reveals her feelings on Jill and Simon's relationship.

First, it is great to be back for season 2. On a personal note I would first like to share with everyone that my father passed away recently. Most of you know from the first season that I had a strained relationship with him. But the good news is we made peace over Christmas, and I thank God everyday for the special time I had with him before he died. I urge each and every one of you who doesn't have the best relationship with your parents to make up now, as you never know when someone's time will be up.

Having a difficult relationship with my father propelled me to become successful in business, which he was always proud and amazed by. I shared with him my most recent jewelry creations for HSN, airing March 4th at 10 PM. His eyes lit up brighter than the diamonds in the estate looking pieces. "Daddy, may God bless your soul for eternity, though you could not show me love, I realize now how much I do love you."

We all find that with Alex, you never get the sense of who she really is.

The one thing that bothers me about Alex is how co-dependent she is with Simon, and it personally pushes a HUGE button for me. It reminds me of the terrible co-dependent relationship my parents had. I had told Jill I would stop by the charity event, but as soon as I saw Simon and Alex enter the charity event, I had to exit fast. You may call it immature on my part, but I do not know how to fake things. I had already made my appearance, and, to me, their entrance was my exit. The other women on the show are strong, independent women and I know they also find it difficult to relate to Alex and there is tension at times. We all find that with Alex, you never get the sense of who she really is.

Jill is a wonderful person who, at times, overreacts and says things she does not really mean. She is like hot milk that boils over too quickly that you can't contain...then you are sorry you did not pay more attention to it, as it makes a huge mess, which is what happened in this episode. She was so upset about what was written in New York Magazine, but going through the press to retaliate was not right and was character assassination. I wanted Avery to understand that two wrongs do not make a right. People may say and do things you don't like, but you go to them personally, not behind their backs, not to other people, and not to the press. This is the way I live my life and the way I want her to live as well.

Kelly, the newest housewife, has the brightest smile and gives off great energy. It is always hard to be the "new kid in school." We'll have to wait and see as the season progresses how well she fits in.