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Here Comes Crazy Eyes!

OC's Tamra Barney thoughts on pink loafers, the Count Chocula, and Merry-o!

Am I the only one that thought this week's show was...BORING?

Watching Jill and Brad pick out fabric was about as interesting as watching Jeana buy new bedding. But it did plug her business ZARIN FABRICS for those of you that have never heard her talk about it. Brad is entertaining but he can definitely be annoying. He seems to be in just about every episode so far. Is he trying for a spin off?

Watching Jill and Brad pick out fabric was about as interesting as watching Jeana buy new bedding.

Simon and Alex are finally remodeling their home. What the he-haw were you waiting for people? I understand living in a house for a while and getting a feel for what you want, BUT 3 YEARS? News flash, granite is way more "In Vogue" than growing mold on your ceiling, which is extremely dangerous for the little ones. Alex is hard to take - she comes off like she is trying so hard to be above everyone. I am starting to think she suffers from the Madonna syndrome. Just because you married a Brit you don't have to act like you have a stick up your bum. WE GET IT. You're better then most people, you put books on your bookcase (so do a lot of people...even ME), St. Barts is so much better than the Hamptons, your kids don't watch TV and you encourage Simon to wear pink jeans and pink loafers (I would be careful of that one). Watching these two play with a beach ball in a kiddie pool was beyond bizarre - it was almost embarrassing.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the REAL Ramona has arrived, crazy eyes and all. When she told LuAnn that "Count Chocula" looked twice her age, I almost choked on my Pop Tart. Not saying that I disagree. LuAnn reminds me of someone I know, the type of person that is so full of it you almost WANT to knock them down once in a while to make them feel human. LuAnn was so pissed. You could see smoke coming out her ears. You know she wanted to scalp Ramona. But, that would be American Indian-like and not Countess-like! I don't think Ramona ever said he was an "old man," she just said he was twice her age and she apologized about 10 times. But LuAnn just would not let it go. Maybe LuAnn should have thought of it another way. Maybe she was thinking the Count was 50 and LuAnn looked 25? Okay, maybe NOT? Ramona, MERRY-O (as Jill calls your husband) is the hottest husband on the show.

When she told LuAnn that "Count Chocula" looked twice her age, I almost choked on my Pop Tart.

Congrats to Bethenny for being on the cover of Social Life magazine. The pictures looked beautiful, touched up or not. Yes, we are all envious of you Bethenny, because that is only natural, right viewers? I was a little surprised that B said that, not something I would expect to come out of her mouth.

You could see the guilt on LuAnn's face when B confronted her about her comment at lunch. How bad did she want to crawl under the table and hide from the cameras? Not only did she ask if the photos were going to be retouched, she also said, "I hope so" under her breath. Bad-bad-bad LuAnn! Protecting her? Yeah right!

From today's front-page news, I know there is more to Kelly than her long legs.

Why the hell is Kelly on the show? She had 2 minutes airtime this week and it was extremely boring. I can't even remember what she did. From today's front-page news, I know there is more to Kelly than her long legs.

Just so I don't get the hater comments: I know American Indians don't scalp people. It was a joke. I am Indian myself and I have yet to scalp someone.

Q&A: What Has Kelly Been up To?

Kelly tells us what she's been up to since we last saw her and what it was like seeing Bethenny again.  What have you been up to since we last saw you? Tell us everything!

Kelly Killoren Bensimon: After retiring from RHONY, I modernized my first and favorite Assouline book In The Spirit of the Hamptons, which is the first of the ever popular Assouline series. I also decided to wrap a bow on my past, which includes modeling, publishing, editing magazines, writing books, designing jewelry, and beauty consulting by getting my MBA in international marketing.

Presently, I am a partner in a fund that invests and finances fashion and accessory brands to take them to the next level. I also write a column for amNY where I get to interview New York mavericks and pioneers who are game changers in this new era. You never know what will trigger someone to be better, so I decided to interview those who are changing the world. I started a new blog #kkbloves which launched in Paris, France. #kkbloves is an organic extension of everything I love: fashion, travel, and insider information on who, what, when, where, and how. I launched an exclusive candle line called BAISER ROSE available at and continue to make vintage necklaces exclusively for KitsonLA.

My teenage girls are navigating their teens well and are constantly challenging me. As a single mother 365 days out of the year, I took a huge leap of faith to do this on my own. I’m so proud of my girls and how they are growing up in New York City. They always laugh that I’m raising them like a suburban mom living in an urban city: whatever works.

Last but not least, are you ready for my first NOVEL, which is almost finished? If you're curious about New York women who have lived through their twenties and are ready for a new chapter, Get Ready. It’s steamy, feisty, aspirational, and colorful. My girls and I continue to be advocates of FOODBANK4NYC, Generosity water, and Madison Square Garden’s Garden of Dreams. Fluffy says, “Hi,” and the horse I ride, Houston, says “Neigh."  Were you hesitant to see all the ladies again when Luann invited you to her girls’ night out?

KKB: Luann and I were at a book party at Omars, a private club downtown, and she asked me to come and have a drink, for she knows I don’t get out much. Luann honestly thought I would have fun, which I did. It was great seeing Ramona in such good shape after everything she’s been through. I admire her integrity and ability to raise an amazing daughter. Who of the ladies have you stayed in touch with, if any?

KKB: Luann and I are very good friends, and we see each other all the time. She’s an incredible mother and has navigated the world of TV beautifully, AND has maximized on it incredible way. Go LU!  Did it surprise you to hear that Bethenny was unnerved at seeing you again after all these years?

KKB: Bethenny has endured a lot since we last filmed almost four years ago. I understand if she was upset, since she didn’t know I was coming. I was happy to see her looking so well after all she’s been through. We got off on the wrong foot, and I hope one day she can see past as the past.

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