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Housewife Detox

Tamra's on OC, NYC, and Atlanta overload after Bravo's A-List Awards!

I'm not feeling this week's show AT ALL, not even sure I can find something to say about it. Maybe it's because I'm on Housewife overload from the A-List Awards. Either way, this episode was like trying to watch TV on codeine. They should have been filming the Housewives on their down time during the A-List Awards. Now that was some funny shit. As I looked around at all these ladies and listened to them talk, drink, and throw their own cast members under the Bravo bus, I finally had an AH-HA moment. I must be totally F'd up. What have I done to myself? I use to be a stay-at-home mom with 4 kids wearing sweats and a ponytail. Now I am a tan, false eyelash wearing, middle aged bimbo on a TV show? Have I sold my soul to the devil? I think I need therapy or housewife detox.

Of all the Housewives I would have to say that Kim was the biggest character. She was constantly followed by a 300 lb body guard as if she was a star on a non-cable network. She swore like a truck driver, drank like a fish and smoked as if it was her only oxygen. Despite all that, she was nice to me and makes for good TV.

NeNe was a close second with her larger than life attitude. But overall she was very nice and her husband Greg seems to love her very much. She let all of us know that the Atlanta show put the franchise on the map.

I would have to say that some of these women are letting their 15 minutes of fame go to their heads in a big way. Some were traveling with their personal hair stylist, makeup artist, and assistants as though they were J-Lo instead of Hell-No. If they ever DID make it, their head would be too big for their own body.

Kelly was very quiet and almost childlike shy. She constantly smiled and played with her hair. I would have to say that she is more beautiful in person.

Gretchen and I made nice for the camera, but neither one of us gives a crap about the other. She too constantly laughing and played with her hair. 10 minutes before we were to walk the red carpet, Lauri accidentally sprayed Gretchen with her self-tanner. Her dress had a brown spot on her right boob, and I all I could think was, 'NOW THAT ZEBRA HAS SPOTS!' BA-BA-Boom.

I hung out mostly with Ramona and Bethenny, my two favorite NY girls. They are very low key and try hard to stay out of the drama. They are no bullshit type of girls that don't play games - just don't piss them off!

I loved my dress I wore to the A-List Awards. I thought it was great color to kick off spring and was very comfortable. For those of you that have been asking me, it is a Nicole Miller (which is very affordable $420.00.) I was outfitted by Sabrina at

Here was my take on last night's show:

Charity events: Enough already!
Jill's third eye: If I loved diamonds I guess I would be jealous?
Kelly and Max at dinner: I swore she said fart-fest.
LuAnn playing basketball: She did not just call herself LULU. She is getting worse!
Jill's apartment: The place looked like Blue's Clues got it on with Liberace.
Jill and Simon practicing tennis: Don't most 50 year old men have a dropping ball?
Simon saying the most important part of tennis is to get the ball back and forth: No shit Sherlock
Alex saying it wasn't fair, he didn't get a chance to warm up: Cleopatra - Queen of Denial
"Team Jill" t-shirts: Somebody please buy her shirts so she will stop!
Simon's tennis outfit, running into the pole and picking his butt: PRICELESS

On a personal note, I am excited about my new website that will be launching in the next couple weeks. It will be a place to shop, video blogs, OC reviews, contests, monthly giveaways, photos, behind the scenes videos and so much more. Please log on and register.

Carole on Elitists and Bitches

Carole says what she really thinks of Aviva and all of her talk about her book and things being "ghetto."

Dear Fans,

Let me start with something I stole it from Twitter this week. "The most dangerous liars are those who think they are telling the truth."

I'll say it again. The blonde at the end of the right couch, the one who's prone to lobbing limbs and insults, is an Insulting. Bitch. Some of you didn't believe me. Maybe some of you still don't. But after watching the reunion shows I imagine it's harder and harder to cheer for the anti-hero. Just when you think she can't get any faker she does.

The story according to Aviva makes me laugh: We were arguing, she insulted me, I called her a psychopath and that prompted her to affectionately compliment me on my age. Sure. Her disdain for the intelligence of the audience is palpable. It was too stupid for me to even reply. But as I was watching the reunion, and particularly Aviva and the way she treats people, I was reminded of something my Grandma Millie used to say. (I love everything Grandma Millie used to say.) "At 25, you have the face you're born with. At 45 you have the face you deserve."

I'd rather be 50 and me than be 45 and Aviva, any day of the week. She aged worse this season than a president in his first term. Holy short dress, I don't mind at all how I look. Overbite and all. I'll take it.

When I first met Aviva she was lovely. Really lovely. I meant what I said on the couch, I wish we had seen more of that. Her easy laugh and funny neurotic ways. Instead all we saw was a mean and angry woman. All because I asked her if she hired a writer -- a writer she did hire. It makes no sense. Three years ago she told me she'd read my memoir, What Remains. This was a book published in 2006 about my childhood, my family, my career and marriage, and then the death of my husband, Anthony Radziwill. A man I loved more than anyone I had loved before or have loved since. She gushed over my book. She quoted from it. We hugged. She seemed so sincere. Flash forward and she now believes it was written by a ghostwriter. She even knew his name, and it wasn't Truman Capote. It was Bill Whitworth, she told me. She repeated this over and over to anyone who would listen. And it doesn't matter how many times she repeats it -- it will never make it true.

When they stopped listening she started saying in the press and on social media that not only was my book written by someone else but that it was not my place to have written a book about my life, and my marriage. And, as if I didn't remember, she reminded me that I'd written about people who had died. Um, yeah. I know. It was my husband and my family and my closest friend who died. Just. . .wow. But I wasn't important enough to tell my story because my husband's family was famous, or historic or whatever she said. Because they had money and privilege and yachts. Really. Who do I think I am?

I’ll tell you. I’m a girl from upstate New York who grew up in a loving, if sometimes kooky, Italian working class family. I worked for everything I earned, just like my parents did and their parents before them. I have a proud family history of hard work and small but precious rewards that followed. My family won't be in any history books. I didn't grow up privileged. We didn't spend summers in Europe or Christmas in Palm Beach. A day spent at the town pool or playing in the woods behind our house was great. Much like Heather, I was taught strong values and decent manners. I learned to live with integrity and honesty. I'm proud of my upbringing and the woman I became, as was my husband. As is his family to this very day. I've known people who lived in what Aviva would consider the "ghetto" who have more class and decency than she shows.

All this talk about class and ghetto -- you'd think we were living in communist Russia. Here is the thing. This is America. In our country it doesn't matter a lick where you are from, it only matters where you're going. So don’t let anyone tell you that you aren't good enough because you didn’t grow up on Park Avenue or in a family that had some history, or because you enjoy saying mother-f---er now and then. I’ve met people from all walks of life. I spent time in refugee camps in Southeast Asia, and in the projects of Chicago. I've been to State dinners with Presidents. I met the Queen of England on a beach in Anguilla. No one is any more valuable or important than you are. No one is more important than your family and your friends.

Let the elitists go slow into the night.

In spite of the BookGate dust up I had a great time this season. I made wonderful new friends in LuAnn and Kristen and my friendship with Heather is more special and important to me than I could have ever imagined just three years ago. Friends have each other's backs. I love her, madly. And while we didn't always act appropriately, we had a lot of laughs. I hope you did too.

Thank you all for your supportive and funny and brilliant tweets. And while we didn't all agree on everything all of the time I enjoyed your participation in the show. Even the mean tweets about my skinny neck and my overbite were amusing. Like I said, I've stolen some tweets already. You may see others as dialogue in my next book, and yes, you can all say you were my ghostwriters.

As always,

With love, Writer Girl xoxo

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