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Amen to That

Mario talks about the "Countless Cougar" in action, and the useless bickering between the Housewives.


A couple of episodes have passed since the last time I blogged. Frankly I was getting tired of watching the train wreck of Jill, LuAnn and Kelly. I kept hoping that we could move on and get past all this useless fighting and Jillously. But it just keeps coming. This week we begin at Sonja’s party where LuAnn immediately begins to criticize Alex for the message she gave Jill. Of course as soon as she speaks her mind she waltzes off as there is no need to hear what Alex has to say since it does not matter to her.

Next we see Jill and Bobby arrive. Since I am in the jewelry business I always like to see what pieces the women are wearing. I thought LuAnn had the worst taste in jewelry - she arrived wearing the piece she has worn several times, that one looks like she has a clock around her neck like the guy on that TV show Flavor of Love. Leave it to Jill to trump her with what looked like a tarantula around her neck.

Bobby decides to confront Alex and extract an apology from her, citing it was not even her fight, but Bethenny's. Bobby, take off those tinted glasses and get a good look at your wife as she is the one who should be apologizing to everyone. At the very least you should try and tell her to keep her stupid thoughts to herself. In any case, Alex tries to talk to Jill and of course she is not in the mood because she does not have her notes and so the drama continues.

Next we see a touching scene between Ramona and Bethenny, who is going to visit her dying father. Ramona advises her to reach closure with her Dad. I am glad that Bethenny was able to have that opportunity, as Ramona went through the same experience with her father. Thank God they were both able to spend time with their fathers, because once a parent is gone you will never have another opportunity to reach out, and you'll only be left with regrets.

Now we get to see the Countless Cougar in action at Kelly's event. I thought she had a young French boyfriend as she had told us in an earlier episode. I guess she’s having too much fun and is playing the field instead. As for Kelly, she has now added "Yeaaa" to her "Hiiiii!" and of course "like" is her favorite word. Have you noticed that Jill is starting to do the "Hiiiii!" thing as well?!

So how tough are teenage daughters on their mothers? Avery knows what she likes and tells it the way she sees it, just like her mother. I always marvel at the way they interact. She is her mother's harshest critic. I guess it comes with being 15.



At the luncheon with Ramona and Sonja, Jill is asked to be part of the trip that Ramona has planned to the Caribbean before the renewal of our vows. It is pretty clear how Jill feels about going and during her interview she comments about on how difficult being married to Ramona must be. Jill, you should be so fortunate to have a marriage like we do. I wonder how happy you would feel if Bobby were to cut off your credit cards.

Finally we come to the final confrontation of the show and once again Jill is at the epicenter. All I can say is the only truthful and intelligent thing Jill says in the entire episode was, "Alex, you are a better person than me." Amen to that.

Luann: Ramona's Apology Was Unexpected

Luann thinks Bethenny and Ramona's argument was a little bit #ScaryIsland.

This is one of my favorite episodes this season. As I told you last week, I decided to downsize and sell my Bridgehampton home last summer and buy a smaller house on the water. The person who bought the estate tore it down and started building a mega mansion. So I figured: Why not sell it all? And voila! Banisters, flooring, kitchen, and bathroom fixtures…all found their way to new happy homes! It was a really great way for me to move on to the next chapter of my life, and I am loving this chapter of my life!

Of course, it was a little weird having people sift through my stuff, but decluttering and letting go of things I’d been holding onto for years was so freeing. The girls came to check things out, and then we all headed over to the new house for a housewarming cocktail party. Noel and Adam, a close family friend and very talented chef, were preparing dinner. (BTW, did you see how big Noel’s gotten since we began the show? I can’t believe he’s almost 19 already!)

I was surprised to see Ramona and Lady Morgan at the estate sale, but both of them have a knack for the unexpected, as you know. And boy, was Ramona’s apology unexpected! For the past six years, I’ve had a front-row seat on The Ramonacoaster, and she’s been terribly unkind with me, my children, my friends and, well, just really uncool. When I was going through my divorce, she was far from understanding and pretty horrible. She’s now walking in my shoes, and she’s been incredibly humbled by it.

Never in a million years would Ramona have expected her marriage to fall apart, but she’s now in the thick of it, and she’s become much more compassionate. It’s been five years since my divorce, and while it was hard to endure, it ultimately made me a stronger woman, a better mother and a more caring friend. RaMEANa is gone, it seems, and I like this new Ramona. I can forgive her, but it’s hard for me to forget all of the stormy weather our “friend-ship” has experienced.

I didn’t think I had to keep my eye on Carole, but I noticed she was using her schtick on Adam, and she was laying it on thick! Funny how she suddenly became fascinated by cooking. I really thought nothing of it at first, because Adam’s a very close family friend, and I would never think Carole would dip her toe into the twenty-something pond. Well, Tinder was frozen, it seems, and Carole swiped right in my kitchen.

I was genuinely happy to see Sonja at the party, though it was a little strange that she brought a whole new meaning to BYOB. Dorinda was spot-on in describing Sonja as an urban legend in the Upper East Side. Never a dull moment. And yes, it’s true: Dorinda and I did fall in love on the dance floor at a Bar Mitzvah, and we’ve been bosom buddies ever since. I love that sassy lass, and I was so happy to welcome her with the rest of the ladies to my new house.

Of course, with these ladies, a simple housewarming party can’t be drama-free. (A simple housewarming party can’t even be simple, come to think of it.) But here we go: Episode 2, and they’re all back at it again! Bethenny and Ramona arguing over a brunch and who committed the faux-pas. I say: Anyone can invite anyone to anything. It’s up to the guests to ask their host(ess), “Do you mind?” I mean, I love being spontaneous and all, and if I have too many invitations for one day, that’s a pretty great problem to have!

When I asked the two ladies to join me outside to straighten things out, it was like good ol’ times. Two titans going at it and Yours Truly brokering a peace. (It was a little too #ScaryIsland, in all honesty.) I understand why it’s hard for Bethenny to trust Ramona…even if it is the new and improved Ramona. But that was how our first mini-reunion played out. Good times, indeed.

Next week, watch what happens to see who ends up winning Brunchgate. And remember…

Be cool.


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