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Forget About Throwing Tables...

Mario reacts to the fashion show dramafest and gives the top 5 reasons he loved Jill's Saks outfit.

Forget about throwing tables, the verbal jousting that the girls are exchanging has gone to new heights. We see Bethenny and LuAnn go at it once again and this time Bethenny true to her word is saying nothing behind LuAnn’s back. Seems like the entire episode LuAnn is on the defensive not only from Bethenny but Ramona and Alex as well. I guess you can say that where there’s smoke there’s fire and LuAnn is taking so many body blows that she’s down for the COUNT.

Ramona arrives to the fashion show with Avery and I must say it takes my breath away to see how grown up and beautiful Avery has become over these past three years. My little girl has turned into a young lady.

Not one to be left out, Kelly confronts Ramona about not being invited to our small Labor Day lunch. At the time we did not know how Bethenny and Kelly would react to each other so we played it safe since it was such a small gathering and did not invite Kelly. As it turns out I think we would have been better off inviting Kelly instead of LuAnn and Jill who were no shows.

Ramona meets with Bethenny for drinks and I just love how Ramona always messes up those phrases that she likes to use. Who else would refer to Jill wanting to get the dirt from her by saying like “white rice” instead of “white on rice."

For me the best part of the episode is the dinner party that Jill hosted at Saks. Here we see 30 girls for a sit down dinner and fashion show and who crashes an all girls event but Simon. Boy did he have me fooled. I thought he was turning into a guy’s guy and then he shows up at an all girls event again? Hey Simon, Saks has a great men’s department with all the latest fashions. Why does this not interest you? Oh well, you know what they say about not being able to teach an old dog new tricks.

Alex confronts Jill and LuAnn and lets them know that she is getting annoyed with their behavior. Join the club Alex.

Kelly is clearly upset by Ramona’s comments about her breasts but hey if you’re going to bear it all in Playboy you need to take the good and the bad. People are going to talk about you and your body. If you wanted to keep it private, than don’t pose naked in Playboy. For the record I do not think that "most women think it would be an honor to show their breasts in Playboy." You are right Kelly, you are not from the same planet as Ramona.

The best however is Jill’s dress that she wore for the event. She commented it made her look like an alien. That may be true but I have my on take on the dress.

Here are my five top reasons why I loved Jill’s dress:
#5 It reminded me of the tin man from The Wizard of Oz
#4 The dress looked like the foil blankets runners receive after the New York Marathon to keep them warm.
#3 The dress was ecologically friendly as it must have been made of recycled aluminum.
#2 The dress was very versatile. On a sunny day you could use it to fry an egg or as a reflector to work on you tan.
And the #1 reason. I had no idea that R.J. Reynolds was now a designer house.