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Love and Honor

Mario shares the vows he made to Ramona at their marriage renewal ceremony.


When Ramona asked me about renewing our marriage vows of course I responded yes. Though I was not sure what she had in mind, I had no idea she was planning such an elaborate event. Leave it to Ramona to outdo our wedding day 18 years ago. Though it was a wonderful wedding, it was not at such an iconic landmark as the Pierre Hotel. I really had no idea what to expect until just before the big event. I had thought about my vows but had not written anything down. Suddenly, it was the night before and I felt I had better write my thoughts on paper. When I arrived at the Pierre it hit me that I better have my vows memorized and not screw it up on national TV. The pressure was on. As you saw in the episode, I started writing my vows on index cards so I could read them if necessary. I really got nervous as the time came to leave the suite for the big event. I was even more nervous then when I actually got married!! Not only were many of my friends there but what if I messed up my vows??? I really put my memory to the test in the last hour as I prepared myself. Unfortunately, my vows were edited for lack of TV time, so for all of you who might be interested in the unedited version, here it is.

Probably the biggest decision one will ever make is the person to spend the rest of your life with. Sometimes it takes quite a while before you know if you’ve made the right choice. I was fortunate to have known very early that I had made the right decision. My mom had suffered a stroke and she would need care for the rest of her life. Since Dad had already passed away I asked you if it was alright if my mom could live with us in our home in Southampton. Not only did you take her in but you embraced her with love and kindness like she was your own mother. That is when I knew I had made the right decision. I had absolutely chosen the women I would spend the rest of my life with. After 17 years of marriage you have been at my side through everything that life has thrown at us, both good and bad. You have been a steady rock in times of trouble had a ray of sunshine when I could not see the light. You have applauded my achievements and comforted me in my setbacks. You have given me the most wonderful daughter a father could ever have. For all of this I am blessed and so I reaffirm my vows that I said so long ago. Ramona, I will love and honor you through good times and bad for better or worse in sickness and in health until death do us part. May God continue to bless our marriage.

It was a magical night for both of us and sharing it with Avery made it truly special. The sight of her in her beautiful blue dress took my breath away. Some day I will be watching her exchange vows with the man of her life and I will think back to this day.