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LuAnn talks about her confrontation with Alex, her new man, and Bethenny's father's passing.


The Cocktail and Couture party was really fun. It was great to see how generous and big-hearted my friends are. Sonya is a great hostess and knows how to throw a party. We raised a lot of money for the Soho Partnership and had a good time doing it.

Alex is usually receptive when I have something to say to her so I felt very comfortable telling her how disturbed I was about her message to Jill. I was surprised that she would deliver such a spiteful message. It was out of character for Alex to do this and I think she used this occasion to get back at Jill.

I wasn’t expecting an apology from Alex; I was expecting remorse. I’ve known Alex for three years now and she is not a mean person. It was totally out of character for her to be so cruel. Jill is my friend so I naturally feel protective of her but of course I would support her if she chose to work things out with Bethenny.

I had a great time with Coerte at the Gotham party. I met him last summer and we immediately hit is off because we share a lot of the same friends and we both like to write. He’s really smart, interesting and fun. Coerte’s new book, Scandalocity is sure to be a huge hit.


Being with my good girlfriends is always therapeutic. I find it easier now that time has gone by to talk about how my divorce affected me. Although I maintained my dignity throughout the break up of my marriage, I still hurt inside. I was anxious about the future but I worked through my feelings with the help of my girlfriends and the Chopra Center.

The surprise I showed upon hearing from Ramona that Bethenny’s father passed away was genuine. Because Bethenny and I aren’t close, I had no idea that her father was that ill. I think that Bethenny can share information with whomever she chooses and that Ramona wasn’t under any obligation to tell us about her father. I’m glad Ramona shared because I would not have known otherwise. I lost my father a few years ago and I know how difficult it is to lose a parent.