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Ramona describes the dramatic events that transpired in St. John.


I did not tell the ladies our next stay would be at this amazing villa. When I saw the majestic villa jutting off the bluff I could not contain myself, I had to give it up. I am not a jaded person or overly impressed, but I have to say, this villa in St. John was beyond anything I had ever visited or seen. The cameras did not begin to do it justice. The workmanship and the attention to detail in the woodwork, stonework, and ironwork was amazing. It was not gaudy - it was completely elegant. I really was in awe and was looking forward to our time there. I was really surprised to see Kelly was feeling alone and was crying in her room to Jill. We all went out of our way to make her feel part of the group and comfortable. I sometimes feel she is at a different place than the rest of us. When we were on the yacht she was speaking to Jill three to four times a day and it was aggravating her. I think some of her agitation was due to Jill stirring her up.

At one point I got the feeling that Jill just might show up, so I shared my thoughts with Bethenny. I asked Bethenny what she would do if Jill showed up. Bethenny said that not only she would leave, but so would Alex. I do tend to get premonitions and if Jill was going to make a surprise entrance, I wanted to be prepared.

The day with Kelly on the beach was amazing. She prepared a great lunch and did a photo shoot of us. She was at ease in her own element and was a pleasure to be with. I really enjoyed the day with her. I am really glad to reacquainted with Sonja again. She always puts a smile on my face and helps to diffuse all the crazy situations. Sonja is a woman who enjoys life and has had the best that life offers. It was such a compliment when she put on the designs I do for HSN.  I must say, even though I am always wearing my designs it was great to see them on someone else to get a better perspective. It's like when you try on a pair of shoes and you're not sure if they are right, so you have your friend to try them on and then you realize how much you love them!



For dinner in St. John Bethenny prepared a magnificent meal. Her crab cakes are my favorite. Unfortunately Kelly would not allow anyone to get a word in edge wise so I went over to Bethenny and sat on the arm of her chair to tell her how sorry I was about lashing out on her on the Brooklyn Bridge. Something snapped in Kelly that night at dinner. I never witnessed anything like that before in my life. She was not making any sense. It was as if she had a mini-breakdown. I really do not know what caused it, but is was frightening to witness.

PS - Even though I am in Africa I still have to blog and stay in touch with all of you! Please see what I am up to in Africa on my blog at, and check out the camps where I am staying: and Visit my Facebook fanpage to see pictures from the St. John's trip.

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Bethenny: Emotions Creep Out in Unexpected Ways

Bethenny explains her breakdown and why she thinks Heather might be a little too touchy feely. 

Well, the crying game has begun, so bear with me a moment because there is a LOT of laughter to come.
You know how sometimes you can confide in a stranger more easily than someone you're close with? Well, there is a lot that people don't know about my personal life, and let's just say that emotions creep out in unexpected ways.
I have had a rough time, and I was particularly raw. I broke down in CB2, which I've renamed "Cry Baby 2." Carole was perfect in that situation. I am not a huge hugger, either, and I just needed to let it out.
I thought Carole’s election was cute. Those pigs in blankets were awesome, but then again I'm a massive Trader Joe's fan. Thank god she didn't tarnish her campaign with a hors d'oeuvres lie.
Heather is very inquisitive and likes to get deep quickly. She is just curious, concerned, and a little touchy feely at times. I believe it comes from a good place. I am just guarded and not always trusting. As Dorinda says, I'm a squirrel, so really fast moves make me run. Custody conversation is very personal, and I was just not there, nor will I probably ever be.
As far as Luann commenting on my departure, I was there an hour, which is probably the longest that I would ever spend at an apartment building election party. Luckily, I had school pickup.
So Sonja's party--Latino Show Magazine with her on the cover is pure comedy as a concept. She did look beautiful, though, and the photography was beautiful. It just seemed a little random--like me gracing the cover of Field and Stream.
Heather did fire a random shot at her though asking about Kmart. I was literally at Kmart yesterday, a store that I LOVE, but I didn't happen to notice any full-length, red evening gowns there. That was a little slap.
The caviar dinner was a shit stirrer. Luann has not been silent about her opinions this season. It's the anti-Countess...(a term that Bravo and the ladies will definitely adopt). Anyway, Luann definitely commented about Dorinda and John. But Ramona can be a meddler and loves to drive the getaway car while not getting dirty. Ramona definitely commented, as well, which she conveniently left out.
More to come on all of this.
P.S. Who cares who Dorinda dates? Since when do we bash people our friends are in love with or sleeping with?
I've been royally screwed over in relationships, but no one could have told me different. We go through our process our own way.
For all we know, John and Dorinda are soul mates. He is what she needs right now.

Xo B

I Suck at Relationships:

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