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Spare the Snark

Mario talks about Ramona's runway walk, the Kodak throwdown, and Jill's "disgusting smirk."


OK, so how funny was Ramona strutting down the runway at the Brooklyn fashion show? Avery and I were in tears with laughter as we watched Mom do the walk. Most women wouldn’t even attempt to walk down the runway at a fashion show, but Ramona is always up to the challenge and is willing to try something new without worrying about the consequences. I really missed not being there, but it was in the middle of the day and I just could not get away.

Jill arrives at the show and immediately begins to literally “trash” the event and makes snarky remarks. She didn’t have one nice thing to say to any of the housewives who were part of the show and especially Alex, who had worked so hard to make the show a success. I certainly did not appreciate her telling Ramona how great she looked and then turn her back and make that disgusting smirk. Jillously was not part of the event and she could not be complimentary to anyone. She made it very clear that the show was below her standards and couldn’t wait to head for the exit. Why bother coming at all?

Ramona is full of surprises. That’s what makes our marriage fun after 18 years. Nothing like candles, champagne and caviar to set the mood. Ladies take note how to keep your guy interested. Make him feel special and appreciated and do not take him for granted.

I am glad to see LuAnn move on and wish her all the best with her new mystery boyfriend. I hope she takes my advice and does not try and impress him with her "countessness."


Kelly was great about finally getting Simon into a men’s fashion store. Never thought I’d see the day. He actually looked comfortable in the store. I guess he can go both ways.

The Kodak event was not one of Ramona’s finer moments. She was still upset with Jill for her behavior at the Brooklyn fashion show. Though she made a valid point in commenting how Kodak was no longer a dominant force in the photo industry, she probably would have been better off not saying this to Jill as her reaction was vintage Jill. If someone criticizes you, tell them to leave, just as Bethenny did at the end of last season’s charity event which Jill hosted. When it comes to criticism Jill can dish it out but woe the person who criticizes her.

Sonja is the new housewife and it will be very interesting to see if she becomes a bridge or an instigator amongst the housewives. Certainly the dynamics will change. It will make for interesting viewing. Stay tuned.