Alex McCord

Alex commends Sonja's performance and lets us know if she thinks Jill is a bully.

on Jul 7, 2011

Hope everyone had a great 4th of July! Simon and I have been hibernating with the kids, gardening, and cooking up Cajun feasts. I was thrilled to see a fan come up to him on the street to say "Hey man, I love your song!" Download it and the Thug in a Club Mix.

What did we see this week? Moms and their daughters, all of whom are growing up. I particularly was touched by Avery’s English composition about Ramona; what more could you want to hear from a daughter?

We saw Sonja being waited on at Pat Field’s by her doppelganger. . .but male. I have to say he/she was pretty fabulous. It was a bit strange to see Ramona and Sonja talk about Simon tweeting, particularly when they've both said they had no idea what was going on, even in their blogs months later. Funny what people will say.

On to the burlesque party, and I loved it, though not everyone got it. I'm sure by the time this blog is posted we'll have had plenty of soft-porn or granny-porn public service announcements from the brunettes via Twitter, since the first dancer got down to her pasties and most of us followed the dress code.

Sonja's performance seemed so liberating, and was a great end to the night. Had to laugh at Jill's guilty conscience over the snitches line; I think she actually had an honest moment for a change. Too bad some of the girls didn't see Sonja's point -- when the night is dark and everything looks hopeless, slip on a banana peel and make them laugh. Did they never see Singing in the Rain as kids?