Alex McCord

Alex explains why she keeps her distance from LuAnn and gives her thoughts on Jill/Sonja.

on Jun 17, 2011

I laughed for a while after I watched this episode. Grabbed a glass of wine. Laughed some more.

Before we get to why, please check out Simon's brand new webisode, my fashion recap here, and our Facebook page. Would love it if you follow Simon and me on Twitter, and definitely check out for our T-shirt partnership with Housing Works. Oh yeah, and Simon's song "I Am Real," and the Thug in a Club Mix! Wishing Simon, the dad of our two chums, a happy Father's Day as well as every Dad out there. Enjoy!

After the craziness of Morocco…by the way, did anyone catch on WWHL last week that LuAnn still thinks she's the only one who had been there before? Bizarre -- but here are my photo albums from the 2003 trip with Simon and François.

Anyway, back in New York, those of us with husbands and boyfriends spent a little quality time together. Everyone else went out, but Simon and I stayed at home. Our chums are five and seven, and not only can we not leave them home alone, obviously, but they need us and we need them too! It's so important to be there for bath time, dinner, homework, stories, and bedtime. We do tend to go out twice a week, and that's normally more than enough. When it's really busy, sometimes we bring our nanny or a sitter in and go out after they are asleep, but even that can sometimes be more stress than it's worth. For that reason, some of our best "we were here first" nights (I always think the term "date night" is cheesy) occur at home.