Alex McCord

Alex explains why she keeps her distance from LuAnn and gives her thoughts on Jill/Sonja.

on Jun 17, 2011

I have no poker face whatsoever, and that was totally evident at lunch with Ramona. If I'm just sitting around being myself and reacting to what's around me, I can and do make crazy faces -- it's involuntary unless I'm trying hard to keep myself in check. The a-ha moment was clearly visible all over my face as I realized that due to Sonja's current misfortune she was within Jill's crosshairs as her next under-dog project.

Now. . .LuAnn. She and I had unfinished business from Morocco. At any rate, I needed to speak to her one on one. It was not OK to do this at a charity event, a focus group, anyone's home or frankly, an open business. It was either going to be the middle of an empty parking lot, or a restaurant that hadn't opened for dinner yet. The latter was more comfortable and served coffee.

LuAnn seemed, as usual, to be on her own planet. I wasn't even that surprised that when I called her vile, condescending, and rude, she didn't contradict me. I can only assume that she either agrees with me or doesn't communicate well in English. Either is possible. The henna/cabinet/whatever-you-call-it confrontation happened because I wanted LuAnn to lay off Ramona; however, this coffee had nothing to do with Ramona. She was out of it completely. I wanted to clear the air with LuAnn over her reaction to me. I've always kept LuAnn at arms' length, and this is exactly why. I don't care to taste her venom.