Alex McCord

Alex discusses the difference between Quogue and Governors Island, and the importance of keeping a secret.

on Apr 28, 2011

Hope everyone had a happy holiday week -- the chums are back in school after spring break and we’re hurtling toward warmer weather (I'm invoking a reality TV mantra here -- the more you say something, the more it is assumed to be true – ha!)

Links first – please check out Thug in a Cocktail Dress, our fashion recap and Simon’s blog. You can also find us on Facebook as well as Simon’s and my Twitter feeds. I was THRILLED to see this week that Simon’s new single "I Am Real" has been trending online and discussed everywhere from Bravo to MTV and the New York Times!

So, this week we see a Hamptons weekend, and Simon and I spent it mostly with our kids. October is a great time to go out as the craziness of the summer high season is over. I had to snicker when seeing many of the ladies say the same thing -- the Hamptons in October are kind of like St. Barths in August -- absolutely beautiful and less insane!

Have to say that I’m still a little surprised Cindy whined so much about going to Governors Island, (which she can probably see from her apartment,) given that she threw a party an hour and a half drive from where everyone else was staying -- not there is anything wrong with Quogue at all, but it was a much bigger schlep than G.I. Ditto that she would snark about Sonja staying with friends when she did the same. Funnily enough we were the only ones who rented a house that weekend -- same one we normally take in Sag Harbor, which is a gorgeous area and my favorite place out east. Nevertheless it was a great, if a bit windy, afternoon in Quogue. Simon and I stayed far, far away from the Ramona and Cindy drama and instead concentrated on the chums, who bottle-fed donkeys, sat on horses being led, and acted like total daredevils on the ATV with a mutual friend and father of four.