Alex McCord

Alex address her confrontation with Kelly and what's really out in the Twittersphere.

on Jun 30, 2011

Let's start with the good stuff. Sonja and her feng shui, and the plumber really touched me. That's the Sonja we know and love, and I hope she gets everything she wants from her new beginning. Ramona threw an amazing party, and we all had a great time -- both at the walk-through and that night.

Moving on. . .clearly I have a handicap when fighting, because it doesn't occur to me to lie. I always assume that liars get caught, so I don't do it.

Jill and Kelly both tweet a lot. Jill tends to chase celebrities and try to meet them. She also tweets and posts on Facebook snarky things about people she doesn't like -- myself, Ramona, and Simon just to name a few. Kelly has gotten better with tweeting since she started, I’ll give her that, but back when this all was filmed she constantly tweeted nonsensical stuff that seemed to be written in code.

Simon's interactions on Twitter have nothing to do with his social media business. The only business Simon does while tweeting is show business; i.e. increase interest in Bravo and the Housewives, which all cast members do. I don't know why Kelly thinks Simon tweets all day; she tweets a lot more than he does. We all joined Twitter around the same time and she has sent 2,000 more tweets than Simon. For that matter, Andy tweets as much as Simon does, and no one accuses him of tweeting more than he works! Simon's business is teaching hotel and hospitality companies how best to use social media sites to drive their business, and that doesn't involve him tweeting personally.

When Jill tweets snark, and Kelly tweets gibberish, or other people respond to their tweets and also tag Simon, sometimes Simon responds. He might retort, or make a joke while trying to decipher some tweet-in-code that Kelly wrote. Sometimes, he also corrects or sticks up for them if what the person tweeted was horrible. Anyone who follows those three online can see that -- go and have a look.