Alex McCord

Alex discusses the premiere episode, running into Jill, and dispenses advice on how to leave a party.

on Apr 7, 2011

Four grumpy grownups have a wedding breakfast in the Hamptons, and I think I owe Ramona a bagel. I had been shocked to get a voicemail from Jill, and slightly confused, too. By this time we'd remembered that she was on the host committee for the Marriage Equality march as well, and worked out that we were all going to be at the same wedding of mutual friends Jennifer and Glenn. Yes, New York is a very small town sometimes. You might remember Jennifer from last season, at Ramona's yacht party and Labor Day brunch. Ramona was cackling into her coffee because someone had been calling the bride to find out whether Simon and I were attending the wedding and if so, why. Why? Because we're friends, and managed to meet one another while out and about. This is why Ramona and I get along so well. She's fun.

Mario was running late, so we brought Ramona with us to the wedding and met him there. (Jill could be forgiven for that mixup; we drive the same car but Ramona's is navy and ours is black.) Anyway. . .talk about timing. Ramona could not have planned her moment better (or worse?) She got very emotional about her late friend, Jeff, and an incident with his fiancé and cigars. Small world once again, Carol is now dating Cindy's brother -- who was behind her for all this. Oops.

For the record, there were plenty of people at this summer afternoon wedding in cream and ivory -– and the only people who thought it inappropriate were surrounding Jill. I was fed up, quite frankly, and wasn't in the mood to let her twist my words around or get away with anything. Game, set, match, with a side of swiped cake.

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