Alex McCord

Alex explains why she wanted to salvage her relationship with Sonja, and discusses the Governors Island debacle.

on Apr 21, 2011

What else happened this week? Kelly, Sonja, and Cindy did some dating, and Sonja looked like she was having fun -– I didn't want her to have to change tables! Not sure why Kelly suggested the improv exercise, but it was entertaining, though maybe not to the guy. And Ramona -– she outdid herself on David Meister's catwalk (in support of the Dawson Scleroderma Foundation) and I was so proud of her at the Women's Venture Fund dinner. She works very, very hard and deserves all her success.

Lastly, I did a photo shoot for my modeling book, and should have bloody well known that if I made any comment on camera about eating or weight, there would be shots of me trying on samples that don't fit. I'm pretty thin, but I am in my thirties so not everything fits like it does on teenagers –- all the more reason why fittings are important! I was beyond thrilled to work with Mark Veltman and his amazing crew, and was floored by the final images – one of which is in this week's Life and Style.

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