Alex McCord

Alex discusses the "c-word" and why she wouldn't do LuAnn's video.

on Jul 14, 2011

Wire hangers? Yes, I have a ton. My mom used to dry-clean her bathing suits to get more. Then you don't have to bother buying them! I also keep the plastic on my cocktail dresses so the beading doesn't scratch the back of the next dress. I always thought the wire hanger aversion was for people whom "G-d is their witness, will never be hungry again." Oh well!

LOVED the dance lesson. I don’t know what possessed me to wear jeans. I had a meeting afterward and didn't think about bringing yoga pants. There I was, huffing and puffing away in skinny jeans. Definitely not fresh. . .

Oh, and that phone call. If you have breakfast with a friend and a conference call, you can't do both. Switch the time, have brunch on a Saturday, do the call in the car on the way there -- something. What Cindy did was disrespectful and rude. Was she trying to show Sonja she's busy? Nothing she said on the call sounded urgent. Yikes.

Have a great weekend! Simon and I will be out east with Dan's Two Forks and then off to Egypt on Monday. If you’re in the New York area, come join us at Dan’s on Saturday. If not, please join Simon and me on Twitter, Facebook and our website. Simon’s song "I Am Real" and the Thug in a Club Mix are. . .WAIT. . .should he do a video? Should we ask Jill to direct it????

Enjoy the week and stay cool!