Alex McCord

Alex defends Simon and calls out the other ladies hypocrisy -- including LuAnn's hives.

on Aug 1, 2011

The hypocrisy was so thick tonight you could choke on it. I am continually amused that Kelly gets to meddle on Jill’s behalf, Jill gets to meddle on LuAnn’s behalf, Sonja gets to meddle on Ramona’s behalf and LuAnn gets to meddle in between anyone at any time, for any reason. All that is considered perfectly appropriate, but any time I ever stick up for anyone, or make a comment about events I witnessed, everyone with brown hair thinks I should be quiet. That is a double standard, but coming from them it doesn't surprise me.

The most hilarious attempt at a shutdown tonight has to be "Stop it, small children are watching." Name calling and cursing are apparently fine fodder for small ears, but a differing opinion is not? Regardless, I seriously hope small children are not watching -- this is television for mature audiences. Our kids only see Simon's webisodes, and only when they are in them.

It was hard to watch, at times, because everyone kept shouting over everyone else. Watching tonight's episode gave me a headache. During the second half of filming, I decided not to speak unless I absolutely had to, because when everyone is talking at the same time, all you hear is noise. One thing is certain, if I were interested at all in climbing that mysterious social ladder, I'd aim higher than this lot.

Interesting that LuAnn broke out in hives when she was on the hot seat. She rarely broke her condescending tone of voice, but her chest told a different story. Kelly didn't get offended when she did, nor did she lecture LuAnn to stop being red.

I continue to be amazed that LuAnn maintains she has never made a dig at me. That is exactly what she did, all season, both to me in person, on her blogs, and (although she denied it) to others as well. Maybe she had too much champagne during lunch at the Pierre and forgot that she slammed me, and yes, nasty comments made in interviews do count as digs. LuAnn needs to take a closer look at her book, and if there are chapters she doesn't understand -- perhaps it’s time to schedule coffee with her co-writer for a refresher.