Alex McCord

Alex questions what's true, and addresses your comments.

on May 12, 2011

At Serafina, we were so excited to toast Ramona and hug the beautiful bride Jennifer who had returned from her honeymoon, plus we hadn't seen Vittorio (the owner) since St. Barths. It was Spirit Day 2010, a day to wear purple to speak out against hate crimes and LGBT bullying, so Simon and I both wore purple. LuAnn showed that she was excited (as she should be) by her new boyfriend’s business, and wanted to prove to Ramona how much she knew about wine. Ramona performed well under pressure, answering LuAnn’s questions for a bit and then suggesting that they get together later to discuss it in more detail should LuAnn choose.

I was so happy to see Jennifer; we had seen each other off and on at parties, but became friends last year after the yacht party with Ramona, and Labor Day weekend in 2009. She's a great girl and a straight shooter. Jennifer’s description of being bombarded by Jill about Ramona, Simon and me was exactly the same at Serafina as it was when she told it the day of the wedding. Even though Jill admitted to me on the day of the wedding that she was bothering the bride and Ramona trying to find out if I'd be there, she apparently forgot by the time we got to Serafina a month later, and denied it.

Watching Ramona talk to Jill was like watching myself deliver the message to Jill last year. Anytime Jill feels put on the spot, she leans in to you with a weird faux-friendly smile, and talks over you. . . and over you. . . and over you. She did it to Ramona, and then she did it to Jennifer outside. Kudos to Jennifer for not backing down, although Jill wouldn't let her speak. She does this to every person who says something she doesn't want to hear. And outside in the car, Jill cried to Bobby on the phone that Ramona did it to her again. And LuAnn held her hand, while shooting daggers at Ramona. For the record, Ramona held a glass all night, but I don't think she ever finished it. That fight wasn't alcohol. That was raw emotion. Funny that Jill and LuAnn couldn't see the difference.