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Jun 2, 2011

Welcome back my RHONYers

I hope you pulled your camels right up close to the tents and are ready to settle in because we've got much to cover. We're right in the Oreo middle of our Moroccan trilogy and we're picking up right whence we left our ladies. With Ramona having her fortune read in the pantry of Brad's "house." Come let's Top 5 this out, shall we?

Number 5: The Reason You Don't Have Your Fortune Told in a Foreign Language

Just for future reference, if you're having your fortune read, don't add a language barrier into the mix. Because then, when the seer, or what-have you, tells you something less than jubilant, you don't have to have people question what "une autre femme" means exactly. (Could it be une fille?)

To the rescue: Kelly Killoren Bensimon, the AltaVista of fortune telling. She's not inferring anything. She's just telling it like the French psychic did. Though we're not sure that really helped much, nor did Sonja's teary admission that maybe Mario would leave Ramo after Avery went to college? Nor did Jill's side comments. I'm reserving my right to, "Oh brother," right out of this situation. Thankfully Sonja and Ramona hugged it out, and all seems to be well with the recently renewed couple so . .

Number 4: Jill Zarin's Fanny Pak

Inanimate objects belonging to Jill Zarin are really earning their keep in Morocco this trip. After a strong showing by her glasses last week, this week she's back with a shopping in the souk outfit that really let people know she wanted a bargain. Sonja on the other hand wore this:

Also there was a massive fight over saving seats. Mental note: Do not give Cindy Barshop the Forrest Gump treatment. She sits where she pleases. Pecking order or seating arrangement be damned.