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Our Associate Editor discusses wedding etiquette, facial expressions, and business.

Apr 8, 2011

We've waited so long, but as the first blissful moments of The Real Housewives of New York City Season 4 washed over us, every second of anticipation was worth it. Our New York women had returned to us, and all was right with the world.

So how can one even begin to recap their greatness? I've decided to whittle the hour of zen to the top five moments each week, one for each of NYC's boroughs. It's very symmetrical and it gives us a chance to reflect on the parts of the city the 'Wives often miss.

The Brooklynite Award

We started off with a little rooftop get-together reuniting the ladies. And Alex is feeling a little cagey. Her and Jill have been estranged, and she's not sure how to handle it. How do we know? Because Jill Zarin can read Alex's face like a book.

"But I got a lot of ice from Alex. I mean, she makes this face when she's uncomfortable."

Cut to Alex looking impressively annoyed.

Alex also mentioned her feelings in this bonus video so we can confirm Jill knows what's up. Oh Alex, I have a hard time controlling my facial expressions as well (shameless throw to our video with Curtis Stone), so I commend you that you managed to keep your disdain mostly contained, that is until later in the party. . .

The No Woman is a Staten Island Award

No woman is an island – which is why Ramona needs two assistants. If you were a serial entrepreneur you would too. How do you think Tru Renewal, TrueFaith, and her truest passion Ramona Pinot Grigio come to fruition? But the options for potential ladies for Ramona to chain her island to are very limited. I beseech you to watch as she desperately tries to find the next potential leader of America, and finds that instead she's in "some deep s--t". If nothing else, we learn a lot of great interview tips from the exercise. I know I'll be working on my whole package for my next interview, particularly stocking up on Tru Renewal and thick black or nude tights per her suggestions. Also, I'll be exercising my weakest skill muscle in preparation (it's my arms).