Borough Beat’s Associate Editor ponders the “Unforgettable” finale, pregnancy scares, and flower markets.

Jul 20, 2011

Well friends, we've had a phenomenal season. From caftans and camels, to cocktail dresses and sand angels, we've really seen it all. I can't believe it's already over, but at the same time, when I think back to Ramona being ambushed by Cindy's brother's girlfriend at that church it seems like ages ago. Of course, we do still have the reunion so I guess I shouldn’t get too misty just yet. Plus we've got to get down to brass tacks and discuss Natalie Cole!

The Queens of Pop -- LuAnn and Natalie Cole

We open with darling LuAnn and her producer putting the polish on "Chic C’est La Vie," when surprise the phenomenal Natalie Cole pops in. Natalie is apparently a big "Money Can't Buy You Class" fan and of course never misses an anniversary party. So why not have her hop on the boat and sing with LuAnn? I know some people have feelings about LuAnn’s genuine-ness, but you have to admit she seemed truly giddy when Natalie Cole agreed with her beliefs on class.

Staten Island Delivery Hospital

Meanwhile, at a dinner party Natalie Cole is not performing at, Alex and Simon and Sonja and Brian pop over to the Ramona/Mario abode to learn about Ramona's monthly visitor. Yes, it seems our dear Miss Singer still regularly hosts Aunt Flow.
This is the second time this season Avery has revealed a Ramona-truth, so we have to give her major credit. It seems Avery's dog Coco did not do enough to satiate her desire for a sibling, so of course she felt compelled to mention it's not too late for Ramona and Mario to once again reproduce. Ramona quickly changes the topic to tennis and her monogram.

Later we see sweet Ramona trot her jeggings over to Sonja's to mention that Avery's Secreting for a sibling might have worked. Her boobs are hard! That's proof right there. Dogs are surrounding her with concern and sniffs. You know what that means. . . it means she's pregnant. Dogs are never near me, and that's because I'm not pregnant. Can't argue with science folks.