Borough Beat's Associate Editor ponders the cruelty of a mean tweet and DIY plumbing.

Jun 30, 2011

Manhattan and Brooklyn – Closer than you had imagined

And finally the episode comes to perhaps the greatest end that we could ever imagine. Kelly and Alex sit down to have lunch and discuss this whole "mean tweeting" business. Kelly orders a single pancake, and proceeds to "check in" with Alex.

Kelly's concerned (everyone's concerned). She does not like Simon tweets. It's odd. Alex mentions that she's not the one tweeting and Kelly should take it up with Simon, but that's not flying with Kelly Bel. Kelly never mentions Alex's name, while Simon says "Ohh yes Kelly" (Kelly's exact words). Maybe Alex is having a hard time? She's got two kids, she's living in Brooklyn. Kelly's just a nobody down the block. Can Alex stop being red? It's bothering Kelly. Kelly wants you to know that Alex and her pageant dad could get "iced out." And then they get pancakes. Basically just watch this entire thing and decide who's side you are on. I personally can't until I get my single pancake:

Next week we get the glorious behind-the-scenes look at the making of "Chic C'est La Vie," including the hullabaloo about which wives couldn't be bothered to go to Atlantic City with LuAnn. Call me next time Countess. I'm an ace Blackjack player and an excellent lip-syncer.