Borough Beat's Associate Editor ponders the portrait, parades, thugs in cocktail dresses, and drinking at lunch.

Apr 15, 2011

Oh my, this episode -- so much to delight in! We might as well have called this episode "Potent Quotables." The ladies were ablaze with witticisms, and also anger. Oof. But when have you been to a march (or "parade" as David Arquette called it on Watch What Happens Live) without a brawl breaking out? I've from Louisiana. I've been to Mardi Gras enough times to understand how fraught with tension an organized walk can be.

A Speech Grows in Brooklyn

After being  silenced at the march, Simon finally regaled us with the speech at the after-party in Brooklyn. It was inspired, mostly because Simon had the amazing fantastical literary ability to place himself into another dimension -- a dimension when Alex was a man. While obviously this was a flight of fantasy to illustrate his point, some of his listeners (Sonja) seemed a bit confused about what this might illustrate about his dating preference. When you make an assumption about jackets and speeches, you make a. . . .well, you know the rest dear readers.

Queens Countess Pearl of Wisdom

This was a very very close tie. LuAnn had two nuggets of witty wisdom this week. While her assertion that she would have kicked Alex out of her house "just for the dress," (please refer to her blog for further illumination on the offending outfit), it was her bon mot about lunchtime drinking that really resonated with me. (Yes, I realize my bosses are reading this. Nothing they don't know.) LuAnn mentioned to Sonja "Nobody drinks at lunch anymore. It's so boring." So very true. This is a national issue, LuAnn. If you could record a song about it, or perhaps make it the crux of your next etiquette tome, I'd be greatly appreciative. Perhaps bond together with this week's Top Chef Masters guest judge Christina Hendricks to form a Mad Men-style revitalization of day drinking. Get to it ladies. Pink champagne for everyone!