Borough Beat

Associate Editor Kim Moreau lets you know which party she preferred: Sonja's pants-optional masquerade or Ramona's wine-party and Jill throwdown.

May 12, 2011

The Queen of Bedroom Eyes

Ramona has already proved herself on the runway, so of course it's time for her to conquer the world of still photography. Ramona meets with someone who has photographed Lady Gaga, which seems perfect. Ramona and LG have so much in common: their avant garde sensibilities, their "born this way" natures, their blonde tresses (though on Gaga's side, occasionally highlighter-yellow). But Ramona is having a hard time relaxing (Melissa is not pleased with the results). As Ramona stares into the distance, her eyes are still caring a touch of that signature Singer smize. Thankfully Sonja arrives to loosen the lady up, and the photo shoot is a smashing success.

ramona singer