Borough Beat

Episode 15:’s Associate Editor ponders the power of dance and the discrimination against numbers.

Jul 14, 2011

As Jill’s brain is prodded and poked, Jill and Sonja discuss the video. Perhaps it’s the brain scan machine on Jill’s head giving her keen intuition, but she immediately realizes Ramona and Sonja have already discussed the video. And despite Jill’s checking "guilt" on the list of personality traits, her attempts to talk Sonja into appearing don’t work. Perhaps if that cap had been a wig, as she wished, it would have been more convinced.

No Woman Is a Staten Island, Which is Why People Have Non-eating

Sonja Morgan is a busy lady. She doesn’t always have time for leisurely
toaster oven breakfasts. Therefore when she decided to host Cindy for a
mid-morning nosh she was skipping a dance class to make those Easy Bake
eggs. As Cindy ascended the stairs escorted by the French-tern, it
seemed like these two had put the pecking order pet peeves to rest and
finally moved on to a place where they could eat eggs freely.

Until Cindy took a call. . .

You see Cindy does the small meals, so it was already lunch or pre-dinner by the time they ate. And work beckoned, so she enlisted her assistant to come along and not eat and keep the call a rolling. Perhaps she should have rescheduled brunch? Perhaps she should have let her assistant eat? Perhaps she should have had her act as a proxy eating the eggs and saying Cindy-like quotes during the business meeting? Who am I to say? All I can guarantee that this was surely the last time the toaster oven dinged that a meal was done for Ms. Barshop.

Bonus Borough: Atlantic City

Though it’s outside of the contingent five boroughs I have to give some major props to Atlantic City, the set piece for LuAnn’s “Chic C’est La Vie” clip. The video shot was such a phenomenal exercise in fabulousness I can barely describe it, so I'll limit it to my two favorite parts. Obviously Kelly's description of the extreme injustices against the Number 8 is first, but amongst Jill's many helpful instructions about the best production choices to make was a nugget of truth that I adored so much. As the ladies threw their chips in the air, Jill remarked what a once in a lifetime opportunity it was to be in a casino privately and be able to "just throw s--t all over the table." True facts. It's something I'll always pine for myself.