Borough Beat

Our Associate Editor discusses the many talents of the Housewives, from their hair removal wisdom to their acting chops.

Apr 22, 2011

Oh my little New Yorkers, so much happened this episode. The 'Wives traveled far and wide – from Governors Island to Russia to collect hats to wear for lunches (just kidding, Sonja!). But we've distilled the flurry of activity down to the five boroughs -– scratch that -– six boroughs, as the ladies ventured to the frozen tundras of Governors Island.

The Queen of All Hats

If you ever needed a reason to love Sonja, this is why:

The woman wears a hat that fierce to yoga and then to a burying-the-hatchet lunch at which there is no real apology, just a delightful, "Let's agree to disagree." Print this photo out, draw a heart around it, and hang it in a place of reverence.