Borough Beat

Associate Editor Kim Moreau shares her caftan measurements and comments on Part 1 of the Moroccan triology.

May 26, 2011

Hello my fellow caftan-wearers,

It's finally here! The Moroccan trilogy has begun. And just like Star Wars we will find out that Sonja was  Ramona's mother the entire time after Ramona loses a hand.

JK! Nothing that traumatizing will happen -- or not at least physically.

Since we are in a foreign place, I felt I shouldn't continue my usual recap system of a moment for each of the boroughs. So instead of trying to figure out the Moroccan borough system (none, apparently), I'm just going to go Top 5 on your djellabas.

Honorable Mention: Jill Zarin's Reading Glasses

A 30 some-odd hour plane ride necessitates comfort, and Jill's spectacles provide just that. Plus they gave some gravitas and adorability to her Bobby Zarin-penned toast (Bobby, not holding back!) and her assertions of when the Jews made it to Morocco. And Jill, no, you do not look like a bumblebee in your tennis outfit.