Borough Beat

Associate Editor Kim Moreau shares her caftan measurements and comments on Part 1 of the Moroccan triology.

May 26, 2011

Number 5: Ramona Singers Travel Rider

Packing is an art. Do you roll up your socks into your shoes? Do you make do with just a carry-on and TSA-approved toiletries? Do you bring each piece from your highly successful jewelry line and its coordinating stand? If you're Ramona Singer the answer to that last question is always yes. And so what if you need a little help getting yourself situated. It's a large house to not have help (someone get that woman a "ding ding" as she requested). And if your co-traveler wants to stand with the van until her bags is accounted for, so be it! It's vacation! You want everything at the homestead to be just so -- that way you can roll through town in your van looking at "poverty" and "dust" without worrying if your things will be in order back at home.

Number 4: HangerGate

Like many of the great mysteries we may never know the truth about who
took Cindy's hangers. But if it gave us these two amazing bits of
imagery wasn't it all worthwhile?

"Of course we are you dumb fool, you're acting like an a--hole." -- Ramona Singer

And this photo:

LuAnn de Lesseps, problem solver.