Borough Beat

Associate Editor Kim Moreau shares her caftan measurements and comments on Part 1 of the Moroccan triology.

May 26, 2011

Number 1: Wheel of Fortune!

Messing with the future is always a risky proposition. I myself try to stay out of it as much as possible (I don't even like those coffee pots that you can set the night before! Too presumptuous if you ask me). So when the ladies pulled up a kitchen stool (literally they were practically having their palms read in the cabinet) I was nervous. There was a high percentage someone was not going to be pleased.

And we began to tick off the options: Jill Zarin talks a lot -- alright, so far this lady has only proven herself an avid series watcher, nothing too revelatory. Kelly may get another little jelly bean in her oven -- she actually wants that, so hoorah! Sonja needs to learn the importance of love over money -- not the most gentle reading, but useful information for anyone (though hats like this don't buy themselves).

And then it was sweet Ramo's turn. As she clutched the card to he breast (which was that a special instruction she received or was she more thorough than her counterparts?) those who knew limited French (me!) were instantly aware -- c'est non bon news (pardon the Franglish). Une Autre Femme!??! Fade to cliffhanger!? What?! Find Mario! Bring him to me and let's solve this. I can't wait another week to know what truth awaits -- or for this:



Let's prepare by spending the next seven days quaffing Moroccan tea and reading our own auras! I need more Morocco now!