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What is weird? Our Associate Editor ponders the proper way to reenter a room and the end of the Moroccan trilogy.

Jun 9, 2011

This is it! Soak up those last little bits of the Moroccan sun because our trip is drawing to a close. We'll be riding our camels straight to the airport at the end of this episode, so pack your tangines carefully. We open with the aftermath. Jill is in the process of having the heart attack she mentioned last episode. . .

Number 5: With the Speed of a Shaking Belly

Even though Jill has just mentioned that it will be a "cold day in hell" before she kisses Ramona's behind again, the ladies have dinner plans. LuAnn attempts to come in to talk to Ramona but is immediately banished to pinot grigio duty (get the pinot, bring it to the kitchen, etc.). Then the second guest arrives, Kelly, beginning her surprising reign as the episode's peacemaker. She gently corrects Sonja about her dress (it's Diane von Furstenberg) and asserts that there are no teams. Kelly doesn't see hair color. Problem solved.

So now everyone's fine to go to the most exclusive belly-dancing restaurant in Morocco.

Ramona bounces back quickly to having a good time, but does hit a small snafu. It's impossible to get your money into these women's pants, they're moving too fast! You're telling me. If had a dirham for every time I couldn't put a dirham in someone's pants, well let's just say I'd have a lot of dirhams.

Number 4: But what would happen if Jill Zarin interviewed Barbara Walters?

The next day most of the gals jaunt off with Mustapha the hooded tour guide. I do have to agree with Sonja, the man is working what he's got. His mischievous grin is the perfect match for these ladies and their questions about Morocco's polygamy laws -- as well as Jill Zarin's questions about pretty much everything else.

Here a smattering of my faves:

What is Arabic? What other shape would it be? What is the difference between a gypsy and a nomad? That's pretty big, right?

The theme of this season to me is "Jill Zarin, Renaissance Woman." She's part dentist, part detective, part hard-hitting journalist. Bobby, tell us, is there anything she can't do?

(Also what is the difference between a gypsy and a nomad? I'd love to know).