Borough Beat's Associate Editor plays both the White and Black Swan to this week's episode.

Jul 7, 2011

Manhattan Major Performance

After learning about Sonja's dog's (and friend's) bladder control issues, it's time for burlesque! I highly recommend that everyone peruse the photos of the party to fully appreciate the moustaches, particularly Mario’s Snidely Whiplash ‘stache, and Jill Zarin’s tiny hat. It seems that very tiny hat was filled with goodwill, because for the sake of the group Jill and Simon managed to bury the hatchet (and thankfully not the tiny hat) and agree to never mean tweet again.

After a performance by a professional (a topless professional), Sonja takes the stage. It behooves you to watch the entire performance, jealous b---ches and all. My personal favorite part: the color commentary from Jill and Cindy. I’m not sure the phrase "Sucking a golden d—k doesn't either" will grace a Bravo t-shirt anytime soon, but a girl can dream right?

Until next week when we finally make it to Atlantic City to create the "Chic" video. Here’s hoping your next week is c’est bon and snitch free.