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Our Associate Editor discusses this week's big birthdays and the problem with hypnotists

Jun 23, 2011

Hello NYCers. Happy birthday? Is it not your birthday? It's everyone else's (Jill, Avery, Victoria, Murray Hill's), so let's celebrate as though it was our own. Pass the cupcakes and pinot. It's party time.

Rent Staten Island for Your Next Sweet 16

You remember your Sweet 16 right? Your parents rented out that club, and you had ice luges and acrobats. You had a party planner, and the theme was winter sports.

Oh that didn't happen. Me either. However if you're the daughter of Ramona or LuAnn that is exactly how it happened. Both Real Housemoms decided to throw a party of a "certain level." Ramona's level is "Have Avery shoot down all your plans and then just don't tell Avery what you're going to do" level, while LuAnn is mocktails-only-themed.

And, surprise! The dueling sweet shindigs are on the same night -- a dilemma that reminded me of Jill sitting in the back of a limousine looking at invitations in Season 1. How would the ladies choose which youngster they wanted to fete? A coin toss? Feats of strength?

A Visit to the Bronx Hospital

Meanwhile Jill is throwing a bit of a party on her face. All of the liquid fillers are invited. Mrs. Zarin is getting a liquid facelift -- though not before having her sister explain financial solvency to Sonja who came to the doctor for moral support. I'm not sure how much of the Econ 101 went through to Sonja before the ladies went back for the injections, but Sonja seems to be holding up well. So kudos to her.

I don't think I've ever laughed as hard as when the daughter said, "you're just afraid."
Nope she's not afraid lady, she is literally harmonizing in pain. Fear does not cause grown women to yelp in perfect pitch. Jill Zarin is like The Four Tops of physical suffering. Inject her with fillers and she will sing out to the heavens --as long as you get your eyebrows too while you're in there.