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Our Associate Editor discusses this week's big birthdays and the problem with hypnotists

Jun 23, 2011

Manhattan -- the Theater and Arts Capital of the World

So let's talk about Jill Zarin's birthday. I mean, really? There is just so very much to delight in at every turn. It's like a Stefon sketch from Saturday Night Live.

This party's got everything:Josephine Baker's son who looks like a miniature Elton John,
a magician turning red spongeballs into slightly differently shaped spongeballs, the same magician interrupting Ramona to show her bigger money,
Simon in a caftan, a drag king named Murray Hill, a drag queen LuAnn singing "Like Being With Jill," a painting of Ginger as a courtesan.

Sure it was a little narrow (Ramona), but everyone showcased their talents (Bobby's being how much he adores Jill) and all of the above parties were present.

How about when the drag king told Simon he dresses like a lesbian? I'm not saying anything -- but Murray, we've got a few other outfits of his we'd love to get your commentary on.

Let's just watch this magic moment again, shall we?

Keep this in mind young Victoria and Avery -- you may think you're hot stuff now with your fire-eaters and your snowmachines, but your mom's still can out party you.