Jill Zarin

Jill explains why she didn't invite Ramona and what "love scene" she thought was actually romantic.

on Jun 17, 2011

I've had an amazingly busy week since we last talked. I had a great time in the Hamptons last weekend where I hosted my friends from the Oprah show. I was so glad I was able to show them a nice time. I hope they enjoyed it. I was also able to play a little tennis with LuAnn and the girls, which is always fun. Allyson returned from an amazing trip to South Africa. I was so glad to have her home safe and sound. From there I went to Vegas with Bobby, Allyson, and Lisa, where we attended a licensing trade show. It was very informative and fun at the same time! The only down side to the trip was the leaving of Allyson's laptop on the plane. I'm appealing to anyone in the Las Vegas area who may work or know somebody who works at the airport to please keep an eye out. I know it's probably long gone, but it doesn't hurt to keep trying.

Since writing Secrets Of A Jewish mother I have received hundreds and hundreds of questions asking for advice about all kinds of subjects such as parenting and marriage. If you have a question for my mom Gloria, Lisa, or myself, please email me at Jill@jillzarin.com and one of us will answer. You can purchase Secrets at BarnesandNoble.com and most other booksellers. If you would like to buy an autographed copy, please visit Zarinfabrics.com. Please let us know who to personalize it to in the comments section of the order. Secrets was just published in Japanese, and the Russian and Chinese editions are coming soon. How proud we are of being published in three foreign languages!

I can't tell you how exciting it was to see Skweez Couture on the episode! That day my partner was in town and we were showcasing Skweez Couture for the first time. I thought it would be a great idea to have the girls do a focus group because as I said in the episode, "Skweez is made for women by a woman." Who would have better input? Skweez was in its early stages when we filmed that scene. I can't wait until you see how far it's come since then. If you thought it looked great, now it looks fabulous. My mission statement is "Beauty begins with a great foundation." What you wear under your clothes will set your mood. Look for it this fall, more details coming soon. Please visit the newly launched skweezcouture.com.

I was surprised that Alex brought up Sonja's financial issues in the Skweez Couture showroom. When I walked in, the discussion was well underway. I was worried that it wasn't coming out clearly so I was trying to help Sonja explain it. I know it may not have seemed that way. I only care what Sonja thinks and she knows I was coming from a good place and only offered to help her anytime she needed it.