Jill Zarin

Jill finds the humor in last night's finale and thanks the fans for following along.

on Jul 22, 2011

When I went to go check on what Sonja and Ramona were doing, I ran into Alex standing outside the bathroom. They didn't let her in. It really felt like they were excluding her. Imagine if two people who you thought were your closest friends were running around with a secret and not letting you in on it. I honestly felt badly for Alex. Is this foreshadowing of what's to come? Nobody sent her the memo to wear leopard either!

I can totally relate to Ramona's feelings. I too often regret not giving Allyson a brother or sister and feel Avery's pain. Ally is lucky to have three half-siblings and three step-siblings, but Avery doesn't have those relationships. If Ramona wants another baby, go for it! Is it too late? Only Mother Nature knows for sure -- but I saw the look of love in Ramona's eyes and I wanted her to be pregnant too. Sadly, she wasn't. Was it menopause? Maybe? I don't think finding out on the boat was the best idea. But hey, what's a Housewives show without drama right?

I want to end by also thanking everyone who helped make this the best season ever. Darren (Zarin), my manager, and Sarah Vitale, my assistant, I could not live without both of you or my family, who supported me every day. Special thanks to my cyber-assistant, Maggie, the Gingerettes, Team Jill Australia, and to every single one of you out there for all of your love and support this season.

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