Jill Zarin

Jill discusses the cocktail party at LuAnn's, and Ramoan's tact.

on Apr 28, 2011

Bobby, Ginger, and I just returned home from an amazing weekend in New England. I was honored to be chosen to speak at Brown University's Reality TV Symposium Friday. I listened to students present conference papers, and professors from visiting schools speak about various topics. I learned so much and think maybe I should go back to college for my MBA. Discussing theories and applications was so interesting. It makes me jealous that Ally is in college. I wish I could turn back the clock and retake all of my classes again, knowing now what I didn't know then.

This is the last episode I won't be in ...do you miss me yet?

I can't believe how much happened while I was gone. Looks like Bobby and I chose the right week to take a vacation! I loved the casual cocktail party at LuAnn's house. I actually found it hilarious to watch because it feels much different when you are in one of those scenes. So many comments, digs, opinions. I think watching these scenes will make me even more aware of what I say. My philosophy is that you can't have zero tolerance for people. I am happy to see Alex has learned that too, and forgives Sonja -- or at least let's things slide. Life it too short to hold grudges. Though without them, who would watch the show? It would be so boring!

I think Sonja meant well trying to bring Kelly and Ramona together but I don't think she realizes the deep pain Kelly still carried from Scary Island. Ramona promised Kelly she would be safe and protected by her on the trip. Kelly didn't want to go and Ramona begged her. Kelly will never forget what Ramona did to her, not just on the island but calling her names after the trip. With friends like that who needs enemies. Kelly's motto to just be polite will suit her well. Kudos to Sonja for trying though.