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What Friends Are For

Jill chats about relationships, burying the hatchet with Alex, and getting sucked into the gossip.

I want to begin by thanking all of Ginger's fans for all of your get well wishes. I am pleased to say that Ginger (@realgingerzarin) is feeling much better after her knee surgery. I also want to thank @DrCindyBressler for taking such good care of her. This is her third surgery, and I hope it's her last. Special thanks to for all of the clothes you sent her. She was the fashion queen in the hospital!

Coming back from Australia I felt incredibly refreshed, rejuvenated, and truly ready to film this season. Bobby and I took long walks on the water by the Sydney Opera House (to see exclusive photos, sign up for my newsletters at!). In Secrets of a Jewish Mother we talked alot about relationships. At the end of the day, isn't that what counts the most? I am often taken the wrong way, and I need to be more careful with my words. What I can't control is when someone accuses me of saying something that isn't true. What can I do?

The other thing that was on my mind when I came home was Alex. I very much wanted to make things right with her. I feel like Housewives is summer camp and we are all in a bunk. You have a few BFFs and the rest of the girls "not so much"! You have to try to at least "get along" and that was my goal when I went to Alex's house. We had our ups and downs, as everyone else does on the show, but Alex just wouldn't let it go. She admitted to me that the "Bethenny situation" had spilled over onto her but of course that part was cut out of the show. I tried to listen. I have to say I was hurt when she said behind my back "I don't trust Jill." But I am letting it go since she said it before we made up just as I said "she is a F.B." at the wedding, also, before I went to her house.

We need a clean slate. Apologies need to be accepted. Why is it everyone else says mean things, apologizes and gets a pass or is forgiven; but with me, my feet are held to the fire? Last season I was surprised that she hurt me the way she did. But in retrospect, I see now that she had a lot of unsettled issues with me. Alex and I are just different people at different places in our lives. We are both good mothers and love our families. I hope our talk meant something and we can all get along again.

It was great seeing the other ladies and catching up on their gossip. It's amazing how easily you can get caught up in the drama no matter how hard you try to steer clear. I have to say though, that I am so happy I wasn't around for most of it. Do you think it is our outgoing personalities that made Bravo choose this particular group of girls? Haha!

Cindy and I both went to support Sonja at the softball game. It was a beautiful sunny day and I brought my father with me. I am so disappointed that we were all cut out of the softball scene. My parents were only in one time this fall. Daddy was so cute! He was helping find cute calendar men for Cindy and Sonja!

It was nice that Kelly and Ramona seem to have found a good place with each other. But why did Ramona have to say something cruel about her, again, in her interview? My mother always says, "you become more of who you are when you get older." Ramona has become very mean and bitter this season. She attacked Luann about being a "weekend mom." She judged Cindy because Cindy is not married. Then there was the fiasco about the lack of pinot at Cindy's birthday party. As for me? I am used to it but getting very tired of it. Ramona likes to pick a fight and push people's buttons just for sport. Who does that?

I will be in Short Hills, New Jersey and Pittsburgh, PA, over the next few weeks with mom and my sister, radio show host, Lisa Wexler ( with our book Secrets of a Jewish Mother. Last week we spoke to a sold out audience at the Sandra and Leon Levine Social Hall at Temple Israel in Charlotte, NC and they raised more money than any other year. If you are interested in us coming to your town for a personal appearance, contact us through

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Our book is now available in paperback and has an added chapter on bullying. (You will see why later in the season!) It's a great Mother's Day gift. You can buy it at Barnes and Noble. If you want an autograph, please contact me through my website at and I will be happy to send you a book plate. I'll leave you with one of my favorite quotes from our book. "Finding a friend is finding the best part of yourself and setting it free."

Happy Mother's Day,


Jill XO