Kelly Killoren Bensimon

Kelly discusses the soap opera turn of Season 4 and Alex's "liability" comment.

on Aug 1, 2011

This reunion was so special, they added another 90 minutes because of all the drama!

What started as an intersection between different women who live in New York City has evolved into the biggest soap opera fest on television. "You can't write this stuff," say most writers in Hollywood who hold reality stars in disdain -- because we literally took bread off their table.

And, the writers have every reason to be mad. Who on earth "outs" or speculates if someone has gone to AA? Is this information that the world needs to know? And does this help whoever is calling the other person out look like a more respectable business woman? And, then there is the speculation of intervention. . .I am definitely not a good enough friend to Ramona to ever to ever suggest an intervention.

But, I have to giggle when we get to the liability issue. I've spent the last three years protecting Alex. Finally, I forewarned Alex that her actions would eventually get her iced out. Alex quite nicely did it herself, by telling us we are all a liability.

As for Sonja and her vulva (as it is technically referred to), I was offended. It's disheartening that at 47, Sonja doesn't have the confidence in her ability to write a book, without sharing her body parts for the camera. Sensationalism isn't always the key -- Lindsay Lohan would like that page from her playbook back. I did grace the March 2010 cover of Playboy, but flashing your "..." on cable TV is a whole different can of worms. (If you're laughing, stop. LOL.)