Kelly Killoren Bensimon

Kelly discusses the differences between an RHONY reunion and a family reunion and chats about the "real" New York.

on Jul 25, 2011

Most reunions are celebrations where people are nervous and eager to see how everyone has evolved. The RHONY reunion show, which is filmed over a full day, in contrast, is literally a free-for-all where women attempt to portray who they think they are. Fortunately, the viewers and I always see through the "pinot-vision."

Where do I start? I was raised by a lawyer and facts always come first. On this show, facts are always railroaded by people's delusion. This is also what makes it so funny, and why I secretly enjoy filming. Last season, we were bombarded by constant infomercials for various products, and I, like you, was confused and offended. This season we are bombarded with situations like burlesque parties, pinot parties, and odd interactions that aren't "what New York really looks like." There are drunk blondes in every city in America, in the Midwest we call them "bar flies." New York is an amazing place that's inspiring on so many levels with endless opportunities and outlets for creative expression. It’s not just me who realizes how tacky some of the women act and look. Most NY women, like most American women, are usually in an office or at places like Chelsea Piers waiting for their kids to finish practice. Seriously? In my opinion, the luckier women in NY are usually very busy being supportive mothers, philanthropists, and standing in line at Whole Foods. Not everyone is hawking their wares and branding themselves during a conversation.

That's why I stick out. I speak my mind with the goal to be effective, but not necessarily always right. Do I want to see a 40-something year old women's vulva? I'm not a gyno, FYI. Do I want to go to an anniversary party and be alarmed by a potential pregnancy from a 54 year-old woman? (P.S. that's half way to 109) These are questions we all have the answers to.