Kelly Killoren Bensimon

Kelly ponders the burlesque party and shares what she and Ally have in common.

on Jul 7, 2011

What is going on?

So, Sonja, Avery, and Ramona decide to go to shop for Sonja's burlesque costume at a downtown haunt called, Patricia Fields. (Sonja, Patricia Fields is downtown, are you sure you'll be safe?!!) Patricia Fields is a New York icon and her store has been a haven for nightclub goers for decades. You may know/recognize Patricia -- she was the stylist for the Sex and the City. Why are Ramona, Sonja, and Avery picking out costumes for Sonja's burlesque party? What do you think about Avery coming to pick out burlesque clothes?

I have to be honest, I was not really in a partying kind of mood. It was late on a Friday, I had to get my girls to the beach right after, and it wasn't clear what the point of the party was. We were merely invited to another theme party Sonja was having. Right after Sonja's performance, which was a surprise for sure, I complimented her on how pretty she looked and congratulated her. Sonja said, "I did this for my daughter." It was at that moment when I realized that her performance had nothing to do with self-mockery. It was just another Sonja moment.

As for processing problems, many people deal with grief in a variety of ways. I grieved over my divorce for a long time. I made the right decision for me and my children, but it is very scary to lose all of your friends and the lifestyle that some men afford women, and work to reinvent yourself. It's hard for everyone involved. Personally, I went from protected to exploited. No one really knows the truth about Sonja's issue, and everyone has a story that they like to tell that suits their needs. As friends, all we can do is be there.

LuAnn is a very special woman. I've grown to love her. At first, I was intimidated but her emotional strength and impressed with her ability to weed through the bad seeds. Now, I want to know all the tricks of her trade. I don't need a "moment" with her, we just like to be together and talk, and talk, and talk, and talk. I could listen to her stories all day long. LuAnn has lived an amazing life, and has navigated her transition so well. To her, it's not how her relationship ended, it's how her new chapter begins that's interesting.