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The Intermeddler

Kelly shares her thoughts on Sonja's horseback riding -- and peace-making skills.

Every episode I make a mistake, and thank God I learn from it.

What on earth was I thinking asking Sonja to ride? I asked my trainer Babi Herrara to watch over Sonja because I was concerned when she claimed she had been riding all her life, and that her mother was a rider. I have a lot of respect for animals and riding as a sport. I guess I learned my lesson. Maybe think about this the next time you invite a friend to maybe ski or do something out of their comfort zone -- especially if they are parents. Lesson learned, check.

LuAnn invited us all to her home for cocktails. LuAnn, Ramona, and I are the only ladies with homes at what the locals call "the beach." For me, the Hamptons is where I love to be and to make memories with my kids. I'm so happy to be at the beach this weekend, and nothing could bother me. To me, the beach and country are magical. Period. I don't judge nature; I judge bad behavior.

When I saw Cindy at LuAnn's, she warned me about Sonja's plan. She told me not to go to Sonja's with my kids. Even though I don't know Cindy well, she's my kind of woman. Cindy adores her family and friends and is a rock solid businesswoman. No games, no drama, just real. I am not a fan of "Turtle Time" in front of my kids. I immediately knew something bad was going to happen. Turtle Time, confrontation, Ramona, Sonja, me, and my girls all under the same roof is a cocktail I am not having. We could name that drink "Deny, deny, deny."

I was so excited to go to Cindy's party in Quogue. Quogue is an untouched part of the Hamptons that is absolutely gorgeous. The horse farm was a fun idea, and my kids were having a blast on the quads. Cindy has a lovely family, and entertains in a very warm, chic, and casual way.

I wasn't happy to have Ramona confront me in front of my children. I had already sent her three handwritten notes, and asked her to come to my home and talk. The last communication I had from her was a "drunk text" at 1:30 am. I didn't want to engage in front of my girls. We have seen Ramona for the last three years and how responsible she is in front of her family and her friends. My kids don't need to see that.

I walked with Sonja on the beach, because I needed to ask her what her intentions were with her cooking lesson. Even though Cindy is a new friend, I really like and respect her. She knows I'm asking Sonja for the right reasons, not the wrong ones. I asked Sonja nicely not to bring Ramona. Sonja doesn't know when to stop. Sometimes her "Lady Morgan" attitude bugs me. She's standing on a beach with a purse in her hand. What? We're both small town girls. No need for the added airs. Drop it. I would have done a day full of sand angels to get Sonja off my back. My father always said, "Don’t be an intermeddler."