LuAnn de Lesseps

LuAnn addresses her camel incident and the drama the ladies brought with them.

on Jun 2, 2011

Ya Ha Bi Bi!

In this episode you see that with the luggage, comes the baggage!

Ramona's accusations are untrue. It never happened and it never will. I think she's jealous because Mario and I speak Italian and she doesn't understand a word we are saying.

The seating arrangement in the van was a non-issue for me. I just wanted to chat with Sonja during the ride and I wanted to be close to the driver since I was coordinating this trip. I think Cindy overreacted. 

Truly, I thought Sonja was more adventurous! Sonja's fears are understandable when traveling in a foreign country, but it's better to blend in than stick out as a wealthy American all dressed in white, wearing a hat and carrying a very large tote bag. Jill jokes about her fanny pack and her choice of clothing for the souk visit, but she was able to enjoy herself much more because she felt safe. I always say that it's best to fit into the culture you are visiting than to expect special treatment because you are an American.

Now I know the meaning of shaking in your boots! Camels are much taller than horses, and if I were to be thrown from such a high height, I would have been seriously injured. Nonetheless, I love new and exciting experiences and surviving the bucking camel will be something I remember forever.

I wasn't upset in the slightest that Sonja decided not to ride the camel; especially after the experience I had with my camel! Even though I got thrown off a camel, I got right back in the saddle.