LuAnn de Lesseps

LuAnn gives us her final thoughts on the Morocco trip and Alex's outburst.

on Jun 9, 2011

This episode finds us winding down the trip of a lifetime to Morocco and although we had a few bumps in the tareek (road), the trip ended on a really positive note. I was glad that all the girls had a good time and that we left Morocco better friends than when we arrived.

I was hoping that Jill and Ramona would leave their fight back in New York City and not bring it Morocco. After Jill and Ramona went to their respective corners of the riad, I thought I'd see how Ramona was doing because I'd already spoken with Jill and she seemed pretty upset by the whole debacle. Ramona seemed receptive to a glass of pinot grigiot, and we most likely would have had a nice conversation had Alex not inserted herself between Ramona and the glass of vino I was trying to give her! I decided that the best option was to pour myself a glass of wine and leave Ramona to her feelings.

I don't think I've seen sexier women than those Moroccan belly dancers. They really know how to shake it! I thought that overall the ladies had a great time. Ramona's tipping the dancers like they were strippers may not have been such a great idea. I loved Sonja's choice of restaurants!

Unfortunately, I missed the tour because I was sore from my camel ride. Mustapha is a gem, and I was impressed with his knowledge of the palace and how male/female relationships worked a century ago and how they work today in Morocco. Jill was definitely inspired by the tapestries, which is understandable since she works in the fabric business. I'm sure Jill came away with so many great ideas from the tour. 

I should have known something was up when I heard the stampede down the stairs while we getting our henna tattoos. It was like being ambushed by an angry elephant! In my opinion, she was way more worked up than the situation warranted and she was provoking an argument rather than expressing her emotions. The scene where Kelly calms Alex down by shushing her and making her close her eyes is destined to become a Housewives classic!

While Alex was freaking out, Ramona and Sonja were having a good time scoping out the caftans. That should show Alex that Ramona can take care of herself and that she's able to move on from upset to mischief within a short time span.