LuAnn de Lesseps

LuAnn explains what she learned this season and why the party with Jacques was so important.

on Jul 21, 2011

For four years, you’ve watched me go through many changes in my life including the end of my marriage, my children growing up, and the start of my relationship with Jacques. Hopefully you’ve been entertained and have learned something from watching me navigate some of life’s greatest challenges. Every woman deserves to be loved by a terrific man, and I am so lucky and grateful that I met Jacques. In this episode, Jacques and I are celebrating one year of dating, but I was also celebrating my life, my happiness and my belief that wherever life takes us, if we believe in ourselves, everything will turn out better than we could have imagined.

I was completely surprised when Natalie Cole walked through the studio door! When she sang "Money Can’t Buy You Class" to me, I was blown away. When she said she would sing at my party, I was thrilled and then she offered to sing with me. Sometimes dreams do come true and my excitement was apparent.

I think Ramona’s desire to have another baby is being triggered by Avery getting nearer to leaving home for college. Children grow up and go out on their own and life changes for all of us. It’s how we deal with these changes that make us who we are.

I invited Alex and all the ladies to the party because they’ve watched me go through a lot of transition and I wanted them to celebrate my happiness with Jacques. Besides, I don’t like to exclude any of the girls from my parties regardless of where our relationship is at the moment.