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Ramona: Just Don't Ask Me to Go Every Year

Fashion Police

LuAnn comments on her tiffs with Ramona and Kelly's shocking secret.

I love planning trips and I'm excited that all the girls are going to Morocco. This promises to be an exciting adventure filled with new experiences and plenty of drama.

I've been to Morocco many times since my ex used to race in the Moroccan Classic Car Rally. I chose Morocco because I want to show the girls that this country is beautiful, exotic, and sophisticated. The Moroccan people are so gracious, and the girls are going to have a great time on this trip.

I wanted to share with Ramona how her words and her behavior affect people close to her. Her words do sting, and she does hurt people when she lets lose with her criticisms. Although Ramona wasn't that receptive to what I had to say, at least she heard this from me directly.

I do think that the photos of Sonja are going to be gorgeous -- even if her toaster oven was nowhere in sight (thank God).

I was surprised that Kelly opened up to me about being physically abused by a man. No woman should ever have to put up with a man hurting her, and I'm upset that Kelly had this experience. No wonder she doesn't trust other people and is leery of men. It's sad that she described the men she's dated as "sharks, bottom feeders, and minnows." She deserves a man who will treat her right and who she can rely on.

I thought that Cindy was very generous to host us at the Canyon Ranch, and I had a great time relaxing with the girls. The drumming circle was interesting, a little weird, but I'm open to new things. The adjective game we played made me feel good when I was described as "trustworthy." I try to be forthright and honest with my friends, and I think they respect that quality in me.

I don't know why Ramona didn't call Jill to discuss their differences before the Morocco trip. I'm sure she feels that there will be plenty of time during the trip to talk it out with Jill, which is exactly what I was trying to avoid.

The backstory on the Ungaro debate with Ramona is that she told the designer David Meister that he couldn't lend any of us dresses and that she was wearing him exclusively on the show. Although I love Ungaro, I wear many designers, and in this episode my dress was by Teri Jon (who I love). I think it was petty of Ramona to prevent the rest of us from wearing dresses from any designer. Who is she to make the rules about what we can and cannot wear? You would think David would want more people wearing his clothing, especially women who will wear his dresses well.