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Frankly Scarlett

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Carole: Oh Beautiful for Spacious Skies. . .

Ramona: Just Don't Ask Me to Go Every Year

Frankly Scarlett

The Countess shares why she missed the masquerade, her thoughts on Ramona vs. Jill -- and on Ramona's pinot grigio.

In this week's episode, you see that you can't hide your true self behind a pretty mask.

With photography, you have more chances to get the right shot, so I'd have to say that Ramona is a better photograph model than runway model. I admire Ramon's confidence, and I thought she looked great.

But Ramona lacks self-control, and she doesn't filter what she says. I don't think she's completely out-of-control, but she is becoming increasingly emotional and angry -- especially when she's had a couple glasses of pinot grigio.

I was planning to go to Sonja's masquerade ball as Scarlett O'Hara from Gone with the Wind -- until my cold got the better of me. Wild horses couldn't have dragged me out of bed, not even for one of Sonja's fabulous parties.

Cindy and Kevin's relationship is what works for them. At least he's involved with the twins, even if Cindy is a bit anxious and controlling when he's playing with the girls. While babies are fragile, they are not made of china. They love to play and tumble. It's good for their development. Maybe they should wear helmets.

Sonja has a friend's son staying with her to learn English, but she treats him like a man-servant rather than a house guest. I guess this young man needs to earn his keep by running errands, etc.? As long as he's happy, who am I to say their arrangement isn't mutually beneficial?

How did Sonja forget the lower half of her costume? I guess it runs in her family. The "ball" was more of a costume cocktail party, and it looked like everyone was having a decent time. She tried to be a great hostess, and I was surprised when her guests criticized her party while at the party! It's better to leave quietly than to insult your hostess.

Enough with the teeth already! I really can't say with certainty what the best approach is for Cindy's teeth. I'm not a dentist. Whatever she did, her teeth look great.

How did newlywed Jennifer get dragged into a fight between Ramona and Jill? While Jennifer has every right to share with Ramona whatever she likes about her wedding, it would have been better if she shared her concerns directly with Jill. Ramona doesn't need more fuel added to her fire.

I haven't had the chance to discuss the more technical aspects of Ramona's wine with Ramona. I was just curious about the grapes provenance and if the wine was created using grapes from one estate. I'm learning more and more about wine from Jacques, and I've come to realize just how much goes into making a great product. I like Ramona's wine.