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Ramona: Just Don't Ask Me to Go Every Year

Lunchtime Cheer

LuAnn shares her thoughts on the Marriage Equality tiff, and drinking at lunch.

I think Sonja should have allowed Simon to speak at the marriage equality event, but Simon should have let it go when Sonja refused his request. Instead of focusing on the cause, as I suggested, Alex was lecturing everyone like an NPR commentator while Sonja was acting more like a prom queen than a Grand Marshall.

As far as my lunch comment: There is nothing wrong with having a glass of wine with your lunch if you don't have a busy afternoon! If your boss frowns on lunchtime cheer, then it's best to stick to non-alcoholic beverages and meet your friends for happy hour.

To clear things up, Kelly didn't arrive at the event uninvited! Mr. Gucci himself invited Kelly to the event. She was planning on staying for drinks then leaving. Ramona's reaction was self-centered, even if she did scribble a place card for Kelly and invite her to join the table.

Alex was a guest in Sonja's home and she chose the wrong place and the wrong time to air her frustrations. Sonja's focus that night was on Brian and on being a great hostess to her friends. Alex was way out of line when she continued to badger Sonja instead of taking her leave when Sonja requested that she go. Was Alex planning on dominating Sonja into apologizing when she chose that S&M-themed dress?

Art is subjective and what matters is how Sonja feels about her portrait. I will say that Sonja is much more beautiful in person than in this painting.